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What Does It Take To Win Gold?


Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist Vincent Hancock After His Gold Medal Winning Shot in London

Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist Vincent Hancock After His Gold Medal Winning Shot in London

You may be asking yourself, what does it take to win the Gold?  Here at the 33 Method Mental Training and Performance Coaching, we know exactly what it takes to win gold, mental preparation!  The athletes that are the most mentally prepared will perform the best under pressure.  Olympic athletes train their entire lives for this one particular competition, everything else they have accomplished has simply been a stepping stone to get them to this point in time when they are competing in the Olympics.  Every single Olympic athlete comes with one goal in mind and that is to get on the podium.  We send each and every one of our athletes both Olympic and professional into competition with the expectation that they will win!  This “expectation of success” actually programs the mind to achieve success and accept nothing less.

The level of talent and skill at the Olympics is higher than any other competition in the world, there is a less than 1/2 of 1% variation between the skill levels of these athletes in any particular sport.  You have to be that good just to get here. The single factor that will set the Gold Medalist apart from everyone else is their mental game.  A lot of people talk about having  a mental edge or being mentally tough and getting in the zone but it is not something that happens by luck or by chance, it is something you have to work at diligently.

Our athletes train their brain with just as much precision as they train their bodies.  We have developed a unique mental training system that incorporates hypnosis, nlp, visualization, imagery and brain wave technology.  The end result is the ultimate system of mental preparation.  Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Vincent Hancock refers to Dan Vitchoff’s  33 Method Mental Training System as fuel for your brain, it’s like when you put gas in a car, what do you want to put in it?  premium or regular?  Premium, of course!  The 33 Method is “Premium” or “High Test” fuel for your brain!

The 33 Method Mental Training System will help you build confidence, eliminate distractions, overcome mental blocks, break through the glass ceiling and take your game to the next level.  As competition in Sochi continues we will be blogging with news and updates and discussing the key components of mental training and what it takes to win a Gold Medal!  Keep checking back for more on Sochi 2014…




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