Mental Secrets & Techniques for Golf

Mental Training Coach, Dan Vitchoff Has Created
The World’s Best Golf Hypnosis Audio System

The 33 Method is so effective that Dan Vitchoff used it to help his athletes win 3 Gold Medals!!!

Golf-Kapalea-TwinGreenThe 33 Method teaches golfer’s to control their mental and emotional responses to the game. This system was built upon a core system of methods and techniques that lead to success. These methods and techniques are currently being used by Professional Golfers and Elite Amateur Champions to compete to the best of their abilities. The 33 Method brings together Sports Psychology, NLP, Hypnosis, Visualization, Imagery and Brain Wave Technology to provide you with the ultimate mental training experience, like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

We have worked with some of the most knowledgeable golfers and golf instructors in the world to develop this system. The 33 Method Golf Mental Training Program is appropriate for all golfers from beginner to professional. This proven system will give you the confidence it takes to take your game to the next level.

Golf is a mental game, so much of what is going on between the tee and the pin is going on inside your head. Professional Golfer Chris Perry has said, “The worst club in my bag is my brain.” Your brain can be your worst enemy or your best friend in golf. Golfer’s with a strong mental game can easily develop and execute the mechanics of a smooth, consistent swing. Golfer’s who have not taken the time to develop a strong mental game can be overtaken by fear, anxiety, tension and frustration that can de-rail even the most technically proficient golfer.

The 33 Method will help you train your brain to win!

Discover how easy it can be for you to:

• Remain Calm
• Stay Focused
• Eliminate Emotion

Dramatically Improve Every Aspect of Your Game!

Lower your score and improve your game for the low price of $149!

This mp3 bundle includes:

Beginning of a Champion’s Day
The Golfer’s Mind-Voice
Mind of a Champion

Mental Secrets & Techniques for Golf
Bundle of three mp3 downloads:
Beginning of a Champion’s Day
The Golfer’s Mind
Mind of a Champion

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Price: $149.00