Post Gazette: Pittsburgh hypnotist helps Team USA shoot straight

LONDON — The secret to USA Shooting’s success sat in a small office in Pittsburgh’s North Hills two weeks ago, awaiting transport across the pond.

The object in question would be picked up just off Perry Highway in Warrendale, lifted into a large crate and eventually shuffled through customs in the United Kingdom.

There, Dan Vitchoff, thousands of miles away from the Pennsylvania Hypnosis Center where he spends most of his waking hours, would be ready to receive his creation and begin putting it to good use.

To Vitchoff’s relief, the “Mind Gym” made it safe and sound. What a journey it has been for him and his hulking black leather chair. There was Beijing, where in 2008 Vitchoff’s mental training methods were used by Team USA shooters Glenn Eller and Vincent Hancock, who won gold medals. Then there were the athletes from other sports who needed Vitchoff’s help cleaning out their cluttered minds. Then came the hundreds of non-athletes who couldn’t stop smoking or overeating.

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